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Disasters are going to happen. This is inevitable. Whether you’re in the cone of a Category 4 hurricane or you unexpectedly experience loss of power to your home, the best way to deal with these circumstances is to be prepared. STORMEASY specializes in storm survival services. We take the guess work out of dealing with the aftermath and effects of a storm. STORMEASY has assembled affordable home powering systems and storm survival kits to keep your family comfortable and safe.

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• Affordable, a more-cost conscious alternative to a propane driven system

• Portable, when not in use during an emergency, your portable, inverter generator can be used for camping, tailgating and everyday use.

• Easy to Use, when the power goes out. Place your generator outside your home, plug in your extension cable from your generator to your panel switch. Press the start button on your generator and flick the ON button on your panel switch.

• Safe, Our power switch system is installed by a licensed electrician and is connected to your existing, home circuit breaker panel. Should you encounter an overload your circuit will trip. Our system is safe for linemen repairing damaged electrical lines. Your system will not backfeed electricity into the main line causing harm to those making repairs.

• Flexible, power the rooms you want and save money. When a storm hits, a family usually congregates in one room. There is no need to spend money to power rooms not in use.

• Efficient, The generators that we use to power our system use less fuel than conventional generators. Also, you won’t have to run a bevy of extension cords and surge protectors to power your devices. Just plug into the existing outlets of your house.